YouTube Tutorial: Crochet Braids

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By now I'm sure all of you have seen the latest trending hairstyle, crochet braids. Listen, I used to rock some fierce crochet braids back in high school when they were simply kinky braids but this style today has gone to a new level. Now only is it versatile (which y'all know I love), its easy to do yourself and a great protective style.

If you've wanted to experiment with color, length and twists in general, this is a great way to see if it works for you. Even though my natural hair is full and long, I am willing to give these a try just to give me a break from doing my hair for awhile during the winter months.

Remember, just because your hair braided up, you want to make sure you shampoo, condition and properly moisturize your hair while in its braided state. Healthy hair is fabulous hair!