Product Haul Coming Soon!

Product haul and demo going up on my YouTube channel later today. My hair was in need of some TLC and boy did I it get it! 

The cast of the product haul


#TBT Here's one of my first and favorite natural hair videos. This was one on a "twist out gone wrong" and I came up with this by mistake. Can we also talk about how great my skin looked and how skinny I was? #naturalhair #summer17snapbackcoming 

Visiting Cova Beauty Supply Store

Cova Beauty is a local beauty supply store in my area that I've been dying to visit. I finally took some time to stop by one afternoon and livestreamed it on Facebook. If you live in the South Atlanta area, be sure to check out Cova Beauty. The store is amazing. Not only do they carry haircare supplies, but also skincare and makeup. And men - so that you don't feel left out - they carry plenty of stuff for you too.

Is this thing still on?

Hi there? Remember me? I used to run this little ol' blog called Natural and Fab where I talked about my natural hair?

Well, I think I'm back and I say 'think' because you know, I've been consistent at being inconsistent these days. It seems ever since Baby #2 came along two years ago, my free time is limited but I try to keep up with things.

So what's new?

Let's start with the fact that my Facebook page is doing pretty well. If you haven't already, slide on over there and 'like' it ( I'm a bit more regular with posting and engaging there.

You've probably noticed that my domain to the blog isn't working. So...that's an epic fail on my part. I missed my renewal date (blame it on the mommy brain) so I should have that back up soon. I'm actually considering changing the name so stay tuned.

All in all, lots of things happening and coming so stay tuned!

Protective Styling

Maybe yesterday's crazy humidity did me in but I'm all about protective styling right now. I have my brother's graduation in two weeks and I'm trying to decide how I want to wear my hair. I am loving these twists. #twostrandtwists #protectivestyling #summerhair

Image source via Google Images