Is this thing still on?

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Hi there? Remember me? I used to run this little ol' blog called Natural and Fab where I talked about my natural hair?

Well, I think I'm back and I say 'think' because you know, I've been consistent at being inconsistent these days. It seems ever since Baby #2 came along two years ago, my free time is limited but I try to keep up with things.

So what's new?

Let's start with the fact that my Facebook page is doing pretty well. If you haven't already, slide on over there and 'like' it ( I'm a bit more regular with posting and engaging there.

You've probably noticed that my domain to the blog isn't working. So...that's an epic fail on my part. I missed my renewal date (blame it on the mommy brain) so I should have that back up soon. I'm actually considering changing the name so stay tuned.

All in all, lots of things happening and coming so stay tuned!