Rocking Flat Twists

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Remember my love of flat twists? Remember how I raved about how great of a protective style they were? I haven't done this style in about 6 months and decided to give them a go this weekend. 

6 months natural - the last time I did flat twists
I washed and conditioned my hair yesterday with my favorite Shea Moisture products. I noticed that my hair felt a little drier than normal which usually means I need to do a protein treatment. I whipped out my jar of coconut oil and did a deep condition with it. To spice things up, I opted for flat twists instead of  my usual braid-out or twist-out but alas, my hair wasn't dry this morning. 

Since I knew my hair would need another day or so to dry, I got creative and pinned it back into a cute little do' with a hair flower for accent. I'm really digging these flat twists so I just may keep them in for a few days before taking my hair down. 


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That looks so cute I really wish I knew how to do flat twist. It looks simple enough but I've tried and all I got was a bunch of tangles while doing it so I gave up. I have no patience. LOL