Frustrated with Winter Hair

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The winter has finally come to Atlanta and whole new set of hair frustrations along with it. We curly girls love our natural hair the most in the summer. The humidity does wonders for styling and volume but the winter..the winter is a different story. The winter brings dry hair, tiny knots, hats and flat hair.

I think my hair underwent a serious transition after baby #2. My hair was ON POINT during my pregnancy thanks to those wonderful hormones but it seems like things are going a completely different direction a year later. Moisture seems to have left my head and the building.

Not to fret though; there are some simple tricks and tips to try that can help those of us with even the driest hair.

  1. Less shampooing, more co-washing. Reduce the number of times you shampoo during the winter and co-wash more. Your hair will thank you. 
  2. Protective styles are your friend. Twists, braids, wigs - all can be your best friend during the winter while you try to protect your strands. Make sure you keep your hair moisturized regardless which style its in. 
  3. Use more cream-based products. Oyin Handmade makes an awesome whipped shea butter that I use on my hair during the winter. The amount of moisture is awesome. 
  4. Keep your hairs out of your hair. As much as you love your strands, try not to disturb them too much. 
  5. Deep condition and use a steamer. Listen, moisture is key and deep conditioning with a steamer makes a HUGE difference. 
I hope these tips and tricks work for you. I know first-hand how frustrating it can be to manage your natural hair in the winter months.