YouTube Tutorial: Flat Twists on Short Hair

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My brother's girlfriend (Hi Chelsea!) is newly natural and is going through that TWA phase that we've all been through. Because she's never had natural hair, I've been showing her just how versatile a teeny weeny afro can be. This video is a perfect example of a fun and sassy style on hair her length. I love just how defined the hair is with flat twists.

The key to flat twists is well-detangled hair. You want to make sure you smooth out your hair shaft so that you don't have any fly-aways or random strands going crazy. I'm not a big fan of over styling your hair; meaning, I don't think you have to pull the hair apart very much or pick the roots too much. Sometimes giving your hair a day to "fall" results in some of the best styles ever.

With that all said, Chelsea, this post is for you!