Changing it Up

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I am totally feeling myself today and let me tell you why. Remember that post I did a few weeks ago about winter hair frustrations, well, I figured out what I was doing wrong.

I went back to cowashing and nixed the shampoo.

That's right, I am back on cowashing my strands once a week and cut out shampoo. I tested this theory out for two weeks and saw an immediate shift with my hair. It was no longer dry and brittle but rather lush and moisturized.

My twist outs were well defined and my curls were popping all over the place. The seasons are changing and its time you reexamine what is and isn't working for you anymore. Our hair is a living, breathing organism that requires feeding and nurturing just like our bodies. Be mindful of what you put into it and on it. Adjust where necessary.

With that said, what are you doing different with your hair care routine as the seasons change?