New Products of Chargin Valley Soap & Salve

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Chargin Valley Soap & Salve has some new products on the market and they sound absolutely divine!

Tamanu Oil Salve - photo courtesy of Chargin Valley Soap & Salve
Ingredients: Organic Tamanu Oil; Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Organic Botanicals (Chickweed and Plantain); Organic Unrefined Beeswax

The healing powers of Tamanu Oil were discovered thousands of years ago when native Polynesians learned how to extract the thick green oil from the tamanu nut and called it a “sacred” gift of nature. Tamanu oil, rich in fatty acids, has antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties and demonstrates the unique ability to promote new tissue formation, thereby accelerating healing and the growth of healthy skin. Tamanu oil fades stretch marks, helps improve the appearance of scars, and aids in the healing of minor cuts, burns, rashes, acne, eczema, rosacea and other skin conditions.

Lemon Lavendar Soap Bars - photo courtesy of Chargin Valley Soap & Salve

Ingredients: Alkanet Root infused Olive Oil; Coconut Oil; Organic Sustainable Palm Oil; Sunflower Oil; Water; Unrefined Cocoa Butter; Sodium Hydroxide*; Canola Oil (Non-GMO); Castor Oil; Essential Oils of Lavender, Lemon, Litsea Cubeba; Organic Lavender; Organic Lemon Peel; Organic Cornstarch; Rosemary Oil Extract

Soothing cocoa butter moisturizes and softens skin. The lovely color of this natural soap comes from emollient rich alkanet root oil. The delicate blend of calming lavender and zesty lemon essential oils will refresh and relax your senses while it tones, cleanses and purifies skin.