Twists: The Perfect Summer Hairstyle

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Hi guys! Today's hair envy is none other than twists. This is a style I've been rocking lately due to the heat and humidity laziness I'm experiencing in Georgia. My husband and I are new bicycle owners so we spend our evenings bike ride around the neighborhood. The last thing I want to do when I get home is be bothered with my hair so twists work perfectly for me.

Natural and Fabulous (c)

They are a very simple style to do, and great for the newly naturals and transitioners. I prefer to have a part on one side so that I can pull hair back and jazz up with it a flower. You can also pin them up into a cute updo for a night out. 

Your daily/evening maintenance should be kept simple. In the mornings, simply spritz with water mixed with your favorite oil and go. In the evenings, you should seal your ends with a butter or sealant to retain the moisture. If you plan to wear them for an extended period of time and need to wash them a couple of times, twist them around each other into larger twists and rinse gently.