My Summer Hair Products

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Hi guys! We are officially in the middle of summer (no matter what anyone says) and my product list has been updated again. I've come to realize that my hair is "seasonal", meaning I know when and which products to switch out depending on the season we're in. In the summer months, my hair thrives off light products with lots of water. Here is a list of my favorite products to date:

Jane Carter Solutions Moisture Nourishing Shampoo
Gentle but effective for shampooing
Shea Moisture Raw Restorative Shea Butter Conditioner
This is my all-time favorite conditioner. It ALWAYS works. Super hydrating and great slip.
TRESsemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner
Very hydrating and great slip for detangling. I would advise against using this conditioner frequently since it is heavy. You should shampoo before using it.
Twisting Creams and Butters
Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter
Very light and creamy hair butter for twisting. It’s water-based so your hair doesn’t feel heavy after use.
Leave In Conditioners
Kinky Curly Knot Today
This is great light weight leave-in.
Daily Mists
Oyin Handmade Juices and Berries
Not only do I love the scent of this mist, but it is great for refreshing hair while twisting. I add a few drops of my favorite oil to it to kick up the hydration.

What are some of your favorite products to use during the summer months?