When was your last trim?

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Hey guys! My hair has been in a bit of slump lately and I think it's time to take a few inches off. Not much but just enough to get rid of the fifty million fairy knots all over my head.


I was looking through some old pictures of my hair just after my one year anniversary and I feel like that was when it was at its best. It looked so lush and full - not to say that it doesn't now. I certainly have more length and thickness now, but healthy hair is the most part to me.

 The thing about trimming natural hair is that it varies per person. Some people need to trim every 6-8 weeks, others every 6-8 months. No one knows your hair better than you so do what works. For me, trimming my hair when I notice the ends are thin or extremely knotty is what's best.

What's your stance on trimming your natural hair?