Product Review: Juices and Berries

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Here's a description from the Oyin site...

Our nourishing herbal leave-in tonics have been our most popular products since we first introduced "Greg Juice," the original citrus-herbal version, in 2004. Now available in three unique scents, this oil-free mixture of vegetable moisturizers and herbal essences remains hugely popular among people with many different hair types and needs! 

I had a small bottle of the Greg Juice and liked how soft it made my hair. This time, I decided to give the Juices and Berries a try to see how well it worked. I have to admit: I  like it! I really really do. Unlike the other scents, the Juices and Berries does not have oil in it so I added a little bit of my favorites to it.

I use it each morning on my hair as a refresher but also as a leave-in conditioner for quick washes during the week (I save the creamy leave-in for the weekend). The scent isn't too strong; very sweet but not overpowering. My hair seems to really like it and it's a great detangler before twisting.

I think this would be a great leave-in during the summer months when the humidity is high. If you have super thick, coarse hair like me, you will want to pair this with something a little heavy or twist with shea butter to keep the moisture in.