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....via Alex of The Good Hair Blog

WHOA, *catches breath* I am in some kinda  love with this Cherry Lola Treatment! I have been wanting to try the concoction for months now but just haven't. Well, I took my braids out last week and attempted to style like I normally do. However, after a couple of days my hair felt very dry, like REALLY dry. I'm not sure if it was the new hair product I used or what but my strands were like "no, ma'm" so I ended up randomly stopping at Roots Market today and scooping up the ingredients for the mixture. 

What is the Cherry Lola Treatment? Good question. The CLT is a protein treatment that aids in reducing frizz, defining and softening curls. Definitely a God send because the treatment did EXACTLY that.

You can learn more about the CLT here.

I love making things that are EASY, simple and low maintenance. The ingredients for the CLT are as follows:

16oz plain yogurt, I used FAGE
2 tbsp Liquid Aminos, do not use soy sauce!
2 tbsp Baking Soda  

Mixing the ingredients was pretty simple too. I added the yogurt and aminos first and then stirred well. Once those two ingredients were mixed together I added the baking powder, that was the fun part! As I stirred the mixture became frothy and started to fizz up. After it was all mixed the end result was a light airy texture versus a thick cream. 

The application process was simple and surprisingly not that messy! I sectioned my hair in 4 parts and applied the CLT from root to tip. For even distribution, I used my wide tooth comb  not only help with that but to detangle. Detangling while the mix was in my hair really made rinsing a breeze. It only took me 2 rinses with warm water for my hair to be clean of the CLT. I didn't have any residue left behind.  I let the mix sit on my head for about an hour under a plastic cap before rinsing it out.

                                                      After rinsing the product out. 
My hair grows in the shape of a heart... LOL

Side note: I got my hair cut in March, remember? It's growing nicely, right?

Check this, I didn't even have to WASH MY HAIR with shampoo after! All I did was add Oyin HandMade's Honey Hemp as my leave in. When I tell you I was AMAZED, I am not kidding. My kinky strands have never EVER felt that soft and MANAGEABLE. In love.

If you notice, my hair is "hanging" downward. It usually doesn't. The CLT really helped tame my curls and eliminate the frizz. I will indeed be adding this treatment to my regimen for sure! TWO THUMBS UP FOR  THE CHERRY LOLA TREATMENT!!

While the mix was sitting on my hair I did some YT research and came across an extremely helpful video that really breaks down the treatment and the benefits of the ingredients.  See below, you may like it. 

If you couldn't already tell from the post, I am really a fan. I definitely recommend this treatment to everyone who struggles with dry, frizzy, unruly curlies. 

Have you tried the CLT? How was your experience? Please leave tips, tricks and alternatives below for the newbies!


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I'm going to have to try this one day! Seems like something that my hair would love!