Did you miss me?

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Hi guys! Sorry I've been gone for a bit around these parts. I've been really busy and hard at work on some other projects but I haven't forgotten about you. 

Recently I attended the wedding of a good friend/coworker at Villa Christina here in Atlanta. The ceremony took place outside under a beautiful August afternoon and the reception was held indoors. It was so beautiful and magical. I wish them both the best of luck.

Posing after touching up my makeup after the ceremony

As usual, the humidity in Georgia was ridiculous so I opted to keep my hairstyle simple. The night before I dampened my hair and put in a few chunky twists. I pinned the sides back and left the back out just in case my hair swelled, and boy did it! Here's how it looks just after the ceremony, by the end of the night (and a few rounds of doing The Wobble), it was a mess. LOL