Staple Products: Shampoo

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Now that I'm running and working out more, my scalp sweats alot and clogged pores = reduced hair growth. I shampoo weekly in the summer to combat this issue and will pull back to monthly once we move into the Fall season. Here is an update of my favorite shampoo products to use:

How and When I Use It
Where You Can Find It
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo - $9.99
Anytime I need to shampoo; very hydrating and no stripping
Target, Walgreens, Walmart
Bentonite Clay - $7.49
For deep cleaning; can strip hair so make sure you follow-up with a deep condition; used once a month
Apple Cider Vinegar
To cleanse scalp only; done in place of bentonite clay; helps with dandruff issues
Any store
Head and Shoulders Shampoo - $4.27
When I dandruff flare-ups
Any store