Natural Spotlight: Shanell

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1. Introduce yourself to us (are you: loc'ed, newly natural, natural-n-pressed, etc.)
Hi I'm Shanell, most folks call me Carmool. I wear my hair natural, most times in an afro or bantu knots but mainly a two strand twist out. 

2. How long have you been natural? 
I have been natural for over 2 years now, however, this is my 3rd time doing the big chop and growing it out.

3. How did people react to the changes you made to your hair? Were they supportive or against it?
The 1st time I chopped it off was for my mother who had cancer and was going through chemo therapy. She was sad about losing hair but tried to carry on as if she wasn't. One day I walked in the bathroom, saw my father's clippers and shaved it all off so my mom wouldn't be so uncomfortable. A lot of people were shocked at first, but they are so used to me doing zany things with my hair they were wondering what colors I would dye it when it started to grow back in.

4. What's the one thing you've noticed about yourself since going natural?
That I love the feeling of freedom my hair gives to me!!! And I especially love how men react to it :)

5. What's your hair regimen?
ALMOST NOTHING!! LOL I two stand twist or bantu knot it every now and then but I primarily co-wash Shea Moisture products, use Oil and Hair Milk and let it do as it pleases.

6. Natural hair has come quite a trend and women are being criticized for it. What advice do you have for women who are considering going natural but fear the negative feedback?
The only negative feedback you can encounter for going natural is your own!!! There's absolutely nothing more beautiful than letting your hair grow out in its natural state.

7. The internet is full of natural hair resources. Which sites are your favorite to review?
I'm a huge fan of and I love all the natural hair tumblr pages!!! They are great for hair inspiration! 

8. Is there a blog or website we can follow you at?   Beautifully flawed with my perfect imperfections. It is SO NOT SAFE FOR WORK but you can follow at your own risk.


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O M G!!!! Thank you soooo much for featuring me on your terrific site with ya cool azz!!!! I feel honored!

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You're welcome! Thanks for doing it.

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very different hair style, great
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