I'm back!

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I'm back from Las Vegas and what a trip it was! If you haven't been to Vegas with your girls, make sure you do. We had the best 4 days there celebrating my BFF's birthday. We ate, we danced, we went ziplining (yes ziplining) and visited almost every hotel on the strip. Below are a few pictures from my hair over the 4 days. I was worried about the dry, desert heat but it was actually pretty cold while we were there. I tried to keep my styling simple and low maintenance since sleep was pretty much non-existent. Needless to say, my hair held up well despite the elements and the smoke. 

Excuse the silly glasses I tried on. My hair was pulled up into a puff with a few front loose pieces as a bang.

Excuse the sleepy face. We were at the airport. I wore my hair in twists on the plane ride there.

During our day of exploring, I rocked a puff. It went well with  taking photos with The Purple One at the wax museum.

Upon arrival in Vegas, I took my twists apart and rocked them loose.

Our first night hitting the town in Vegas, I rocked a side puff to Tao. Amazing club, by the way.

Even Will Smith liked my puff.

Another day of exploring and I rocked a puff with a front bang. It was simply yet stylish.