And the survey says....

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Below are the results of the Natural & Fabulous survey. I really appreciate everyone who participated and left comments about the site. I'm working on some new things and I want to make sure that I keep my readers coming back!

1. How did you hear/find out about Natural & Fabulous?
A majority of you said you found the site either through Twitter, another blog or YouTube.

2. Please select the age demographic you fall under.
18-23 - 12.5%
24-30 - 18.8%
31-35 - 37.5%
35+ - 31.3%

3. What types of posts/information would you like to see on the site? Select as many as you like
YouTube tutorial videos by others - 43.8%
Natural Spotlights - 68.8%
Live coverage from events - 25%
Lists of my favorite products - 75%
Product demonstrations - 68.8%
Live chatting (Ustream, Livestream, Tinychat) - 12.5%

4. If you selected YouTube tutorials, please specify what kind.
Every response was hairstyles 

5. How useful have you found Natural & Fabulous to be during your natural hair journey?
Very useful - 50%
Useful - 31.3%
Average - 18.8%

6. How useful are the Natural & Fabulous YouTube tutorials?
Very useful - 33.3%
Useful - 46.7%
Average - 20%

7. How many giveaway have you entered on Natural and Fabulous?
The average response was 2. 

8. Are there any products or lines you would like to see featured as a giveaway on Natural & Fabulous?
Aubrey Organics, Curls, Twisted Sista, Miss Jessies, Carol's Daughter, Jane Carter, Bee Mine, Safiya, Hairveda, Karen's Body Beautiful, Kinky Curly, Queen Helene - Thanks for these suggestions. I will be reaching out to to these companies to sponsor giveaways so stay tuned!

9. Are there any product lines you would like to see reviewed on Natural & Fabulous?
Jane Carter, Afroveda, Hairveda, Karen's Body Beautiful, Mainstream products (i.e., Paul Mitchell), World of Curls, Alikay Naturals, Carol's Daughter, Curls, Twisted Sistas - This ties into #8. I don't like to giveaway products I haven't tried myself. :)

10. Feel free to leave me your thoughts and feedback about Natural & Fabulous.
Everyone pretty much said keep up the good work!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. Things like this really help me gauge how well I'm doing and what areas I need to work on. As much as this site is for me, it's really for you and I want to make sure I am giving you everything that you want and need. 

PS: The winner will be announced in another blog post.