Style Experimentation

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After big chopping, it is natural to want to experiment with every hairstyle you see. From flat twists to big afros, natural hair is extremely versatile but also very fragile to some degree. We often remind naturals that "what may work for some, may not work for other". This statement applies true not only to products, but hairstyles as well.

I've seen many newly naturals who have yet to give their hair a chance to adjust to the shock of the big chop before they are experimenting with hairstyles normally worn by those with longer hair. Upon unveiling the new hairstyle, they are disappointed because it did not turn out the way they wanted it to. There is nothing wrong with trying a new style but try styles that you know complement you.

For example, braid outs were great for my hair during my transition. I looked adorable (not my word) with my hair wavy and crinkly. Here it is 13 months post big chop and my braid outs look more like a hot mess than hotness. Could it be that that texture of my hair has changed? Possibly. Could it be that since my hair is longer, it doesn't quite hang the same? Sure. I've learned to stick to styles that complement me (twist outs and big hair) and have people telling me it looks good rather than asking "what happened??"

The point of this post is not to discourage you from trying new things but find those that do work for you before venturing out more. Remember, our hair must be treated and cared for kindly.