Tutorial: Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

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I've used bentonite clay as a facial mask but was afraid to test it out as a hair mask. I finally took a chance with it the other day and it was fantastic! My hair felt so smooth and shiny after the application.  I add a few drops of grapeseed oil to my mix so that it wouldn't dry my hair completely. I followed this up with a protein treatment and deep condition. I'm currently wearing my hair in two strand twists (been this way for about two days now) that I will take down in two more days. I'm really trying to do more protective styling this fall/winter seasoning.

MopTopMaven has a great video on how to do a Bentonite Clay Mask. I would advise you to wear gloves when you do this treatment if you don't want to the clay on your hands, or if you have a busy two-year old like me to chase after.