Letter To My Hair

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Dear Nina (my hair),

I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 months since I’ve revealed you to the world. I knew you were there but you weren’t really there. Oh sure I nourished you, let folks feel you and tell you how soft you were but I didn’t allow you to be YOU. I do hope you like the change and all the love and attention you are getting these days. With that said, there are a few things I would like to discuss with you.

Now I know you’re still a newbie around these parts but I’ve noticed a change in your behavior. You used to love for me to rock two strand twists and braids out but lately, it doesn’t seem that way. It seems you’ve stretched out a bit and don’t like to “fall” the way you used to. I’m trying to work with you as best I can but I need you to work with me too. And what’s up with you rejecting my favorite gel for twist-outs? You used to love that stuff and now you refuse it. Oh, I see. You’re on a new plan. Well, that’s cool, but could you just let me know when you are considering changing?

Also, I’ve noticed that you begun to embrace Vatika oil on your ends? See, I told you if you would just work with it a little longer you would see the results. It’s amazing what sealing your ends will do for you overall, huh? *patting myself on the back*

I look forward to the day I get married and get to adorn you with diamonds and veil. I’m sure you will be absolutely stunning. I loved how an older woman stopped me in the store to tell me that I was doing an awesome job with my son but to also comment on how she loved my hair and she wishes other young women would embrace their “crowns”.

I don’t want this to turn this into a vent letter because for every complaint I have; I have at least 3 positive things to say. I am so proud of how far you have come, Nina and all that you are doing. Let’s continue to work as a team and educate others who are considering going natural.


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