Sealing Ends

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When I first started my natural journey I did not partake in the sealing of the ends of my hair. Not only did I not understand how this was beneficial to natural hair but I didn't know how to do it. My ignorance of this step could have saved my hair from many frizzy days during my transition (and immediately after big chopping), but alas, it was a hard lesson learned.

Sealing the ends of your hair ensures that moisture stays in and your follicles do not split (aka "split ends"). If you are currently suffering from split ends, sealing them at this point will not help. You must trim the hair and start over to prevent future issues. Since educating myself on sealing, I now make it a habit to seal my ends at least every other night with some sort of oil or butter. My preferred oil is Vatika Oil. I'm not a big fan of the smell but I do love how it seems to make my ends shiny and smooth. Another good oil/butter to use to seal your ends is Cantu Shea Butter Pomade. It is a little on the greasy/thick side so a little goes along way. Simply twist or rub your ends (or an entire twist) with the oil/butter. Just that simple. After a week of doing this, you should notice a difference in terms of your hair holds moisture and how smooth your choice of style comes out.


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I actually love the Cantu products. Ironically, when I was relaed I hated this stuff. Who would have thought!