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I believe in "divine intervention". I believe that God will intercede to help you re-establish or discover your "vision" when you think you are losing sight of the picture. I believe he did that for me last night in a dream.

I had a dream that one of my Twitter followers, whom I've never met nor spoke with on the phone, called me and asked me "What's the purpose of your hair blog?". She too is a natural diva and I couldn't help but stand there dumbfounded as I thought of a response. I woke up from the dream perplexed and disturbed for two reasons:

1. Why would someone I've never met ask me such a profound question?
2. How did she know that I've been contemplating that very question?

How could she possibly know that I've sat awake until the wee hours trying to figure out what direction I wanted to take this blog? How could she know that I've planned, re-planned, pre-planned, overplanned and brainstormed what the goal of this blog is? It doesn't take rock science to start a blog about natural hair, but it does take a "vision" to keep it interesting and keep readers coming back. How ironic was that she would mention the very direction that I had been contemplating to me this morning.

Yes, divine intervention indeed. So thank you, Val (Serenity23), thank you for confirming what was already in my spirit to do. Thank you for helping me realize that He already told me and that I just needed to "listen". It just so happened to have come through you.

I am pleased to announce that "Natural and Fabulous" is here to stay but will focus more on newly natural and transitioning divas. Many have questions and concerns while transitioning and immediately after big chopping, why not dedicate this blog to them? Of course I won't leave out the more seasoned naturals but I would like to use this blog to help those who say, I just big chopped. What have I done?!

I would like to thank everyone for their support now and going forward. I really do appreciate it and hope to see you around the blog. PS: I will continue to my giveaways as usual. :)


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Yeah! It can get overwhelming to see blogs that feature hair idols all teh time if you are just starting out b/c you're like "How do I go from this TWA to THAT?" I can't wait to see how your vision comes together.