Natural Spotlight: Valerine (Serenity23)

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Our very first "Natural Spotlight" comes from none other than one of my favorite Tweeters and Bloggers Valerine (aka 'Serenity 23'). This Louisiana natural takes a moment to tell us how she maintains and conditions her beautiful tresses while currently living in North Carolina. If you have questions or comments for her, please leave them in the comments section. 

1. Introduce yourself to us (are you: loc'ed, newly natural, natural-n-pressed, etc.)
I have been natural for 13 months now. I would say I primarily wear my hair natural and have only flat ironed maybe 3 times.

2. How long have you been natural and why did you decide to embark on this journey? 
Going on 14 months [my BC was June 25, 2009].  My stylist at the time told me that I should consider going natural because I frequently colored my hair. She told me that my hair would be healthier and I could get it flat ironed and it would still look relaxed.  I didn't believe her because I hated how my new growth usually felt, but I told her I'd give it a shot. My last relaxer was January 2009.  

One of my line sisters was natural and after a few months, she introduced me to natural hair blogs and YouTube. I was amazed! I thought the only natural options were pressing or unkempt looking natural hair. I put myself on a no-heat challenge in June once I learned about the possibility of damaging my curl pattern. Before that month was over, I impulsively went to a salon and told them to cut the perm off. I haven't looked back.

3. How did people react to the changes you made to your hair? Were they supportive or against it? 
My family lives far away (Louisiana) so they didn't see it for a while. The people I worked with were mostly Caucasian so they asked "interesting" questions. My friends didn't really say much, but I'm sort of head strong so it would have been pointless.

4. What's your hair regimen?  
I deep condition once a week usually on Sundays. I two-strand twist and usually leave them in until Thursday. I wear my hair out on weekends and start all over again on Sunday. When I have twists, I spritz them with glycerin and water and I put coconut oil on it for moisture and shine on a daily basis. 

5. You hair color is beautiful. Have you had to alter your regimen since adding color to your hair?
 No, I haven't really done anything different besides continue to deep condition and keep it moisturized.

6. Do you have any hair goals? 
Yes, I'd like to reach shoulder length in my curly state by 18 months.

7. What is your staple hairstyle for the summer?
 Definitely twists and twist outs.

8. What's your favorite hair accessory?
I love Scrunchi headbands to pull my puffs back.

9. Is there a blog or website we can follow you at? 


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Very nice interview, Serenity23! I love your hair. I am in the early stages of transitioning thanks to my girl, Monique. I look forward to reaching my 1 yr milestone. Thanks for sharing your story!!

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Very good interview!

August 19, 2010 3:44 PM delete

Loved the interview and love the beautiful hair!

August 23, 2010 12:37 PM delete

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL HAIR! I've followed her blog all along her journey and love the tips she gives.