Natural Spotlight from a Male Perspective: Dave

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I'm an equal opportunity person and I couldn't start a natural hair blog without getting the opinions of men on here. Dave, author of "The Baby Daddy Diaries" was kind of enough to be our first man to voice his views of natural hair. As the father of a 6 year old little princess, I'm sure he's had quite a few experiences with trying to style and comb  her hair. His honest and witty views of natural hair and not finding Yaki around the house are sure to entertain you.

1.   Introduce yourself
My name is Dave, author of the blog As you can guess from the title I'm a dad to a beautiful 6 year old girl. I also cook/grill and generally blog about my life and times.  

2.   How do you feel about women with natural hair? Would you date a woman with natural hair?
See, I think of natural as anything that's not a wig or weave. I know that's not the "real" definition but that's how I classify it.  I've dated both types of women over the years and I've grown a preference for natural.  I'm over the whole weave/wig thing so even when I do date women who wear them, I try and talk them into taking that mess out.
3.   You have a daughter. Does she have relaxed hair? How would you feel if she told you one day that she wanted to loc her hair? Would you support it?
My daughter's hair is a thick, curly mess! [Comment from the Owner: Don't attack him, y'all. LOL] LOL She doesn't get it relaxed and I'm sure with the right hair treatments it would look awesome. Being a man I have no idea how to handle it.  If she decided to loc her hair I'd support it simply because it's hers.  At some point it will be in her control and not mine.  I'm not a big fan of locs though. 

4.   Some men don’t particularly care for women with natural hair. In your opinion, why is that? 
Those men are crazy! You know how much money natural women are saving? LOL Weaves and wigs ain't cheap! Plus when you see a woman who needs her weave done it looks WAY worse then a woman who needs to wash her natural hair. Finding peices of Yaki around your house is no fun, trust me. Plus you can pull on it and not have to worry about it coming out.

5.   Do you feel most women are going natural because it’s trendy or because they really have learned the dangers of relaxing hair?
It's a little of both. Women have always known that relaxing hair destroys it. They just overlooked it either because it was easier to manage or they just wanted a certian look.  Alot of women also lack the patience to want for their own hair to grow.  The new trend towards natural hair has helped women get more comfortable taking the leap.

6.   Some men state that they prefer “natural” women (no makeup usage, vegetarians, green products only, etc.). Could you date someone who lived a totally natural and organic lifestyle?
A total natural life? Naw homie, I can't be a vegetarian.  I buy natural and organic foods but I need bacon and chicken in my life. I don't care about the makeup use but I need good food. Besides that I could go partial green, it's not as hard or as expensive as people think it is. You just have to make better choices when shopping. 

7.   At the end of the day, is hair really that important to the quality of potential mate’s character? 
Quality of their character? Of course not. The hair doesn't make the person. Just because you cut a mohawk into your head doesn't mean you have a character flaw, you just made a very bad choice LOL.  At the end of the day you can expect a woman to change her hair whenever she feels like it.  You can object and complain about it but it's their choice. If you marry a girl just because she has hair down to her butt, you're a fool.   


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Great perspective from a man's point of view! Thanks for participating!

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Good idea to get a man's perspective.

Dave you are funny!

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reasons why dave and I should be married
" I buy natural and organic foods but I need bacon and chicken in my life."

This inetrview was great