New Product: African Black Soap

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Many natural hair chicas rave about the benefits of African Black Soap for your skin and hair. I finally decided to give it shot and ordered a pound of some on Amazon, directly from the Motherland.

"Traditionally, African Black Soap has been used to treat rashes, acne, eczema, dandruff, body odor and much more. The African black soap helps keep the skin clean and helps against premature facial lines. It is great for showering, bathing, washing of the hair, face and the feet. Black Soap is recommended for the young and the old. Black soap leaves the skin smooth and soft & as a facial soap it is excellent for clearing acne.

African black soap has been used in Africa for the treatment of rashes, ring worm, eczema and also as a natural hair shampoo to avoid itchy and dry scalps.

When purchasing African Black Soap do try to purchase it from a fair trade organization. Fair trade means that the women making the soap are paid at a fair rate and are provided with a pension plan, vacation, sick and family leave, and overtime. Learn more about fair trade - Fair Trade Federation"

I've been using the soap for several days now and so far, so good. My face hasn't itched as bad as it normally does due to the heat. I also don't need to use as much moisturizer on my face as I did before. I'm going to stick with washing my face with this twice a day for the next 3 weeks and I'll post an update as things progress.


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My husband has been using black soap off and on for years. Whenever he leaves irt in the shower ido too, shhhh lol its a great soap though.