Ask Mo - Episode 2 Recap

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Hi guys! Thank you to everyone who tuned in live to watch episode 2 of "Ask Mo". I really appreciate your continued support of this extension to Natural & Fab. For this episode, we focused on the questions many naturals ask once they decide to embark on this journey. I've posted the video below if you want to check out. It is also available directly through my Youtube channel or my Facebook page.

I promised to include links to some of my favorite natural hair resources I mentioned in the video, so here they are:

Curly Nikki
Natural & Fab
Quest for the Perfect Curl
The Chic Natural 

Youtube and the Web, in general, have a plethora of resources out there these day - much more than what they had when I decided to go natural. Feel free to Google away and see which ones you can find.

Ask Mo - Episode 3 is scheduled for July 27.