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The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about natural hair care. After listening to her long list of questions about how do get my hair to grow faster, how do I get it thicker, what should do I do about styling. I asked her to stop and go back to basics.

I wish I could tell everyone that there is some magical mystery potion that you can use on your hair and poof! Fabulously styled, long natural hair every single day. Sadly this is not the case. Like relaxed hair, natural hair takes work but not a tremendous amount. Simplicity is key. I challenge all of you to go back to basics.

But what does this mean, Monique, you ask?
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It means go back to your very simple regimens that once worked for you. Do you have a shampoo that cleansed and clarified your hair without feeling stripped? Use it. Do you have a conditioner that provided crazy slip for detangling and nutrients for your hair? Use it! No leave-in conditioner? No problem! It's all about what works for YOU.

Products aren't the only factor that determine our hair length and density; genetics plays a huge role in this too. Some people are predisposed to thicker, longer hair whereas others will never see their hair grow past their ears. Nothing is wrong with this. NOTHING! Embrace your uniqueness and play it up.


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Sweet, short and to the point!!! Great article!