Watch Mo...Power walk?

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So I haven't necessarily been pounding the pavement in a running sense but I have power walking like a mad woman these days. Per my doctor's advice, I have pulled back on my running a bit and opted for a more gentle-on-the-knees cardio in power walking.

I will be the first to admit that I need to lose a couple more pounds before I start running again but
I'm getting there. Power walking, and walking in general, is just as effective of running. Not only is to gentlier on your joints and bones but therapeutic. I use that time to focus on my breathing and form while still getting a workout in.

If you're a mom like me and you have the kiddies with you, don't fret; power walking is still a get choice. You can push the stroller without fear of stumbling and get your workout on. Thinking of going to park with the kiddies? Let them play on the playground as you walk laps around it.< br />
I've never been a runner who focused solely on pace or speed; I'm a runner who focuses on being healthy all-around.