Natural Spotlight: Chantay

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Today's Natural Spotlight is none other than Chantay. I have known Chantay for what feels like centuries when in reality we have been reading each other's personal blogs for years. I absolutely adore her spirit and energy, and her hair a total reflection of her: fabulous, feisty and fierce. Here's her story...

1. Introduce yourself to us (are you: loc'ed, newly natural, natural-n-pressed, etc.)
Hi! I’m L. Chantay and I have been natural for 4 years. I transitioned for a year before doing the big chop.

2. How long have you been natural and why did you decide to embark on this journey?
I've been natural 4 years. I hit a rough patch in life and was super stressed all the time, which I think caused many issues with my hair. I wore an asymmetrical bob with a tapered nape because there was a patch of hair at my nape that refused to grow and kept breaking. I figured the chemicals from the relaxer weren't doing that spot any favors, so I decided to grow out my natural hair on a whim just to see if that spot would or could recuperate. I also remembered having curly hair as a kid, so I  wanted to experience what naturally grew out of my scalp as an adult that could care for my own hair.

3. How did people react to the changes you made to your hair? Were they supportive or against it?
My mother told me I would revert back to a relaxer after a couple months. My sister thought I was
bananas, but she was also curious. I didn't make a whole production out of it because I was doing it for personal reasons. My sister and mother are both fully natural now. I like to think I was the maverick-cum-pioneer. LOL

4. What's your hair regimen?
I wash and deep condition once a week. After rinsing, I apply Kera Care Natural Textures Leave-in
Conditioner. I then apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil to my scalp and run those two oils paired with Apricot Oil through the lengths. Styling usually consists of shingling with Kera Care Twist and Define Cream or a wet twist out using Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue.

For my wash 'n go, I use Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls or Quick Curls. At night, no matter the style/styling method, I gather my hair in a high pony/pineapple secured with a satin scrunchie and tie a satin scarf around the edges. I also sleep on a satin pillow case. In the mornings I take the pineapple down and gather my hair into a low ponytail using the same scrunchie to coax the hair back down while I primp. Once done, I remove the scrunchie, fluff the roots, and go. I get a trim every 3-4 months.

5. What is your staple hairstyle for the summer?
I alternate between shingles, twist outs, and a simple bun. It gets HOT in Houston!

6. What's your favorite hair accessory?
I don’t really like hair accessories, but every now and again I like a nice ribbon tied into a headband. It’s so girly :)

7. What tip or trick have learned works when it comes to defining your curls and maintaining moisture?
Go a little heavy on the oils when styling. On the first day of styling after the style has set and is no longer wet or damp, apply Kera Care Hair Milk throughout the length. I only have to do that the first day, and that usually keeps my situation moisturized an entire week!

8.What is the natural hair scene like where you live? Do you see many naturals in your area?
It’s about half and half here in Houston. There are lots of everything…natural, relaxed, weaved, braids, locs, etc.

9. Is there a blog or website we can follow you at?