Changing Directions

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Before 2013 ended, I took a moment to pause and reflect on this blog. When I started it almost 4 years ago (!), it wasn't to make money; I had a story that I wanted to share with others like me. I remember what it was like contemplating cutting all of my hair off and not knowing where to go or where to start. I remember thinking that the internet was a hodgepodge of irrelevant information that I was not up to digging through. I remember not really being able to find a site to help me out the way I wanted.

When I finally decided to go natural, I vowed to help others who may have encountered the same thing. I would like to think I've been successful doing that so far, but there is always room for improvement. Anyway, I was talking to my husband about random stuff (as I always do) and I told him about an idea I had been toying with in regards to changing the direction of this blog.

I am in my no way going to stop talking about natural hair here but I do want to continue with the theme of 'sharing' and so I am happy to tell you guys that you will now begin to see some health/fitness related posts.

I'm not sure if you know but I  have another blog called "Watch Mo Run" where I write about my  personal fitness journey. I've decided to combine these two to share information about other things I'm doing but to also show you that your health has a direct impact on your hair.

Over the next few weeks I will begin transitioning some of those posts over here. I'm really excited about this "merging of the minds" so be patient with me and enjoy!


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Cant wait .. I hope to see some of the cooking post as well .. lol