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I wanted to do this as a video post but I felt compelled to write it while the spirit moves me.

I can't begin to think everyone enough for your support with Natural & Fab. I honestly did not see this site being more than a personal online diary of my natural hair journey. When I decided to expand and begin sharing information and other natural stories, I didn't think it would go anywhere. I was giving others what I felt was lacking during my journey: real stories and real information.

I have the best support system in the world. I have my family who has always encouraged me to do whatever my heart desires and give it 150%. I have little cousins who diligently check my site daily to see what's (*waving to the girls*). I have my best friend who cut my hair off for me and dragged me out of the house before I could regret it. I have my awesome husband who has spent count late nights answering questions, drawing winner names, making changes to my design, etc. And then I have you...Twitter friends, FaceBook friends and other naturals. YOU have really helped my site grow.

For all this and more, I am grateful.