Natural Spotlight: Latysha

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It's been two years since we last checked-in with Latysha. When we first met her, this stylish mommy was living in Italy with her adorable son and new to her natural hair journey. Let's see what's she's been up to lately...

1. It's been a year. How are you and how's your hair?
My hair is stubborn, but nonetheless, I'm still natural and still learning what works and what doesn't.

2. Tell us about your regimen: has it changed or are you still doing the same thing?
My regimen has most definitely changed. Before, I was obsessed with co-washing nearly everyday. Now, I co-wash weekly, shampoo or clarify bi-weekly (maybe longer depending on build-up). I deep condition as much as I can but I hardly go a full 2 weeks without. I am also all about the protective style and lately, I have been doing a lot of steaming - in natural terms, the baggy/GHE.

3. Last time we heard from you, you were living overseas. How is the natural hair scene there now?
I am still living overseas but time around I am in Russia. It's a lot colder here so I am trying to keep my hair as moisturized as possible. The GHE is working great as a way to keep my hair moisturized, in addition to protective styling.

4. With so many creative natural hair styles popping on Pinterest and Instagram, how are you styling your hair these days? 
I am loving the different protective styles. I am a big fan of box braids and my current faves are the Senegalese/Havana twists. I am currently wearing extensions simply because they are more convenient.

5. Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for fellow naturals?
I think the biggest and most important tip any Natural can give to another is to be patient and stay moisturized.

We didn't a chance to talk about products and their availability in Russia but I am so looking forward to hearing more the natural hair scene in other countries.