Experimenting with Flexirods

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Hey guys! This week I decided to experiment with flexirods. I haven't had any in my hair since my wedding and even then it was my first time. My husband and I took a mini honeymoon this weekend to a winery in the North Georgia mountains, which included a 2 hour hike through the woods and vineyard. It was soo much fun but my hair was a hot mess afterwards due to sweating and rain.

When we got home, I decided to give my hair some TLC and break out the flexirods. For this particular style, instead of doing my usual twist out, I opted for flat twists and rolled the ends with the rods. One thing to note about my hair is that it is SUPER thick so by the next day, my hair was still soaking wet. So much for air drying....

To speed up the process, I left my hair twisted up and uncovered for all of Sunday. On Monday morning, I removed the rods and gently untwisted my hair. I loved how it looked but I still had wet hair in the back so I decided to do a jazzy up do. I have to say, this is one of my favorite looks to date. I kinda wish I did an updo for my wedding after seeing this. Anyway, I received TONS of compliments at work about my hair so I may try more updos after all.


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Really cute! I've been experimenting with flexirods recently and my hair is in love. LOL