Shampoo Bars

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I've been curious about shampoo bars since starting my natural hair journey 3 years ago. I can't say I've taken advantage of trying any but my curiosity finally got the best of me and my search began.

I did a Google search for "natural hair shampoo bars" and Chargin Valley Soap & Salve Company repeatedly came up in the results. I love  Mom & Pop shops and that's what Chargin is. Not only is this a family-owned and operated business, but it is an idea that grew out of a hobby. 


For a newbie to natural soaps, I decided to order a few samples to see which one I prefer. I ordered the Ayurvedic Herb Bar, Babassu Marsh Mallow Bar, and Nettle bar. Each soap has distinct benefits unique to the ingredients but the most important is that of moisture, which we all know we can always use more of. 

I can't wait to do post my video reviews about them so be on the lookout in the coming days. Now my quest for a new conditioner starts...