Thoughts About Natural Hair

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Every now and then I remember why I started my natural hair journey and smile. And then there are times when I can't help but wonder "what was I thinking?!". When it comes to my natural hair, I sometimes feel...

I am frustrated with the detangling process, the time it takes to twist my hair, of wearing the same style over and over again, etc. Then I remember why I embarked on this journey anyway and smile.

Am I a Type 3? 4a? 4b? I can't keep up with all the hair textures that are out there. How about I focus on the fact that I have a head full of thick, healthy hair instead?

I see beautiful natural hairstylesi n stores, on street corners, at my job and can't help but feel inspired to come up with a funky new style that I hope inspires others.

I am so flattered when I'm complimented about my hair. I work(ed) hard to take care of it and love the praise for my hard work.

Look, my hair is an attention grabber. I have had people chase me down in parking lots just to touch my strands or ask if its really mine. I can't help but feel some kind of sassy, liberated way when that happens :)

Newly naturals - don't miss out on the journey because you are focused on the end result. Embrace each and every frustrating, interesting moment of going back to your roots.