Summertime and Natural Hair

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*Found this old post in my drafts*

Hey there curlies! Let's talk about the ever ongoing battle of natural hair vs summer heat. I have had to fight this battle for the last 3 summers and I am finally getting a handle of it. Not to fear; I'm going to help you survive the summer months and still rock a fabulous (and natural!) style.

Shampoo: We sweat more in the summer months so you may find yourself shampooing more often than you do in the winter months. No worries; add a little bit of oil or use a hydrating shampoo. We want to cleanse and moisturize.

Conditioner: I tend to go light on the conditioner in the summer. My weekly/biweekly deep conditioning treatments become monthly deep conditioning treatments. Don't be afraid to space them out. Remember: less is more!

Moisturizer: Unless your hair is completely parched, give the mountains of shea butter a break until the weather cools. Shea butter is super heavy (but super hydrating); use about half the amount you normally would during the summer.

Oils: I am light on the oil in the summer too. Not only will having too much oil on your hair weigh it down, it can also break your skin out if its rubbing on your face.

Aloe Vera: The super plant to the rescue! Aloe is a great natural hair refresher. Spray your hair with it when it you need a pick me up or to smooth some on your hair before twisting.

Humectants: Humectants help retain moisture. Try using one that is in a conditioner or alone to help retain moisture with your hair and cut down on the frizz.


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