Product Review: TRESemme Natural Nourishing Conditioner

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I think I have a new favorite conditioner. I was catching up on my natural hair blog reading this weekend and came across a post by Mahogany Curls about the product change in TRESemme Natural Nourishing Conditioner.  I picked up a bottle at Walmart and gave it try. Mahogany, you were absolutely right: this conditioner made my already soft hair even softer.

I had to try this product twice to figure out the perfect match up with my styling products. The first time I used it I shampooed with Head and Shoulders to help combat some dandruff issues I was having. That resulted in flaky, stripped hair. No matter how much conditioner I put on it, my hair was dry and stiff. The second time I used it, I used it to cowash with only. I wet my hair and then pulled out small sections that I applied conditioner to, detangled and twisted. I repeated this all over my head and left in for about 10 minutes. The conditioner gave my hair great slip for detangling, much like Hello Hydration.

Next, I gently rinsed it out using lukewarm water by first rinsing the twists to get as much out as I could and then going back and untwisting each section and rinsing again. My hair was very moisturized and easy to style. Finally, I used some Shea Moisture Curl Milk and applied to each twist I detangled and twisted my hair back up.

I have to give it to TRESemme, they have created another conditioner that will rival Herbal Essence in results. For more information about the Natural Nourishing Conditioner, visit

To see Mahogany's video review of the product, see below