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...trimming natural hair.

Whether you're a seasoned curlie or a newly natural, trimming your hair is a vital step that should never be skipped. You may stretch out the length of time in which you do it but it should definitely be done.

Hair is a "living organism" and by the time it emerges from your scalp, it's actually began to die. The ends of our hair tend to be the weakest since the most stress is applied to it (think curling irons, blow driers, smoothing ends). Trimming our ends will not only allow your hair cuticle to "breath" but to grow as well. Let's discuss a couple of ways to try your natural hair.

1. Straighten and trim. Often one of the most popular ways to trim your hair. It requires straightening your hair and then trimming it. The benefit of this method is that you will get a very good and even trim, yet with the excessive heat needed to the straighten the hair, you risk the potential of heat damage. I would recommend not doing this method regularly but if you do choose to straighten your hair every few months, add a trim to the process.

2. Twist and trim. This method is commonly used by those of us who rarely straighten our hair. Hair is washed and deep conditioned, then twisted. You can either trim it while wet or dry, but the ends are snipped at an angle where they appear weak or thin. It can be a bit time consuming the first couple of times but becomes easier over time.

3. Search and destroy. This method is similar to what we do to remove single strand knots; you scan through your hair is trim out sections that look thin or split. I certainly don't recommend doing this with large chunks of your hair since you risk the chance of a disaster. 

Take the time to trim your natural or have it done by a professional; your strands will thank you later.


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I've never trimmed my own hair. My stylist trims my hair while it's wet. She doesn't straighten my hair first.

As I become more experienced with my hair, I plan to try the twist and cut method.