How To Make A Good Tutorial Video

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I have been watching natural hair YouTube videos long before I decided to embark on my journey and have learned quite a few things. As a newbie just entering into this sisterhood, it can be a bit daunting to figure out where you should begin your research. With this internet again we live in, what's the one source everyone encourages you to check out? YOUTUBE!

As much as I love YouTube, I loathe it at times too. Nothing is more annoying to a naturalista than to come across a bad tutorial video. For this, I am going to give my opinion of what makes a good video. 
  1. Clarity. Make sure you are using a camera with auto-focus so that you and the products you use are shown clearly. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to see the person or the products used. Fuzziness = not cute
  2. Lighting! Lighting is key to a good video. Natural light is the best because you can pick up every little detail but if your natural light is limited, use artificial. Bring a lamp in, setup in the bathroom or adjust needed. We want to see what you're doing!
  3. Sound. I'm stickler for sound. I need to hear the things you are saying and the tips you are giving. If you go back and do voice over, great! If not, add captions.
  4. Show Your Products. If you don't flash the products to the viewers, be sure to list them in the description box. People want to see what you used to get the achieved look.
  5. K.I.S.S. (Keep it Short Sistah). I hate long videos. Anything over 5 minutes and my attention span is shot. Keep the videos short and to the point. Speed them up if you need to but don't force people to watch a 15 minute tutorial unless absolutely necessary. 
  6. End Result Photos. I love to see pictures of the end result of a tutorial. Show off your work  - we won't mind. :)
Are there any other tips for making a good video?


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