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...nighttime protection.

Bonnets. Scarves. Hair rags. Hair nets. Wraps. 

They all have various names but they are designed to do one thing: protect your hair while you sleep. Here's a little secret - if it isn't satin or silk, you might want to rethink it. 

Hair very susceptible to dryness if not properly covered. Have you ever falled asleep with silky, moisturized hair and woke up to a dry bird's nest on your head? Without covering your hair, its as good as done. There's a reason that beauticians will tell you to cover it up. Cotton, our favorite multi-functional fabric, may be good for clothes that need to absorb moisture, but are bad for your hair that needs all the moisture it can get.

Satin and silk fabrics are gentle and barely absorb any moisture all. If you are in the market for a new bonnet or scarf, make sure it's one of the two or regret it the next day.