Biotin: Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamin

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If you read natural hair sites, you may stumble across the occasional "Biotin Challenge" or discussions about ways to get your hair to grow. I am a firm believer that some of these quick fixes on the market don't work. However, Biotin is another story. 

Biotin, also known at Vitamin H, is a natural supplement that is to said to aid in the growth of hair, skin and nails.When taken regularly, individuals have stated that they have seen their hair grow to at least an inch or more a month, skins looks more radiant and nails are stronger and longer.

I personally have not taken biotin yet but I do want to give it a try for about 3 months. As mentioned on Naturallycurly forums, your results are usually better when paired with Fish Oil (another supplement great for your skin and hair). 

Have you tried Biotin? How did it work for you?