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The world's 1st and only natural hair magazine recently launched. Read more about them below.


Mhe magazine was created to provide resources, education and support for women everywhere who have made the decision to go natural. Many women have began a journey to embrace their naturally textured hair and have chosen to re-discover themselves. Mhe magazine is for all natural beauties, transitioning beauties, and those who are empowered to gain knowledge on how to care for their unique texture and hair care needs! At Mhe magazine we welcome all women to be inspired by other women who have taken this empowering step!

I don't know about you but I am so looking forward to reading this magazine and seeing all that has to offer the natural hair community. I think it's fantastic that this group of phenomenal women are educating the masses about natural hair. Not only will be educational, but entertaining and insightful to read about the struggles and accomplishes women endure while accepting their natural hair texture. 

There are tons of pictures floating around the web from the launch party so be sure to check them out. Did I mention that they are Atlanta-based so I will definitely be attending their events to show my support.


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I think this is a great idea! Sorry I missed the launch party:(