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My apologies for doing this post so late (videos coming soon!). On Thursday, October 20 I had the pleasure of presenting a discussion called "Tips for Transitioners" at the Curls Of The World Store in Stone Mountain, Georgia. There were about 15 total participates and people coming in and out all evening. Rhian Sharp, the owner of the store, asked me a few months back to do this presentation and it was a blast! Here are a few scenes from it:

The store front. Isn't it cute?

It's me!

My hair for the evening: a twist out I did the night before.
Finally taking a seat during  Q &A  

Demonstrating how to do two strand twists to the onlookers

Pulling up some of my YouTube tutorials to share

Discussions about hair

Demonstrating how to trim natural hair
Participants shopping at the store

Playing around with a flower

Rhian, the store owner and myself
Special thanks to Rhian Sharp for inviting me to do this presentation. I was so nervous but after about 15 minutes, I was on a roll! Thanks to my brother TJ for serving as my Tech Support for the evening. :) Thanks to everyone who came out to listen to me talk about my hair journey and engage in some great dialogue about natural hair. I learned just as much from everyone else as they may have learned from me.


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Thanks for coming out. It was great. You gave some great tips.


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That's so cool! And great turnout! Congratulations.