Glowing Color Consultation

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I recently contacted Tamara of Glowing Color, an online color consultation company, to do a color analysis of me. Here's why she said she created the site:

"I created Glowing Color to help people find the colors that look best on them, fashion and cosmetic-wise. Choosing the colors that look best on you is based on your skin undertones–not how light or dark you are, but whether your skin has cool (or pinkish) or warm (or yellowish) undertones. Accordingly, colors with cool undertones look better on cool skin and colors with warm undertones look better on warm skin."

With the seasons changing, I want to give my wardrobe a much needed upgrade so this was perfect timing. Tamara has done an awesome job. I am really loving her site so I reached out to her to find out what my season was and what colors I should wear. Based on her analysis, I'm an Autumn. Read more about my interview HERE.

If you want to have a color analysis done, check her out! 

Glowing Color Website: LINK
Glowing Color on Twitter: LINK
Glowing Color on Facebook: LINK


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That was so much fun! I'm already getting excited about making my new wardrobe :)