Twisting with Flaxseed Gel

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First, congratulations to the winners of the Curls of the World, Just the Flax gel. I hope you it works on your hair as well as it does on mine.

The image above is of a twistout I did using flaxseed gel. I normally twist my hair with Shea Moisture Curl Milk but because the humidity here in Georgia has been really bad, I opted to go for something light with a little hold. The gel worked perfectly for this task. 

I cowashed and detangled my hair with conditioner and my denman brush. After moisturizing my scalp and applying castor oil to my hairline, I started twisting my hair. I applied a little flaxseed gel to my hand, smoothed it down the length of my hair and twisted. I allowed my hair to dry overnight and pulled my twists apart once. The end result was defined curls with a soft hold. Frizz? Non-existent! If you have super coarse, dry hair like me, I suggest you still apply your hair butter as normal and then twist with the gel. My hair wasn't as moisturized as it normally was because I didn't use a hair butter underneath so make sure you do.


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June 23, 2011 11:53 PM delete

i'll definitely use this the next time that I wash/twist my hair!


July 09, 2011 5:33 PM delete

You can make flaxseed gel at home for hardly nothing!

all you need is:

flaxseed (I found a bag at a produce market for 1.37)
aloe vera (if you want....but you dont need)...also cheap to come by
water (i used my brita)

boil water (2-3cups), add 2tbs seed...test consistency as you boil..when its thickened, strain, cool and use...make small batches and keep in ya fridge (has no nasty preservatives)

Sistahs!...stop spending on these store bought non natural products for your hair $$$$$