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I've been tagged by Kiki Rocks Kinks of Rockin' It Nappatural. The topic? "Why do I write?" Here we go:

When I decided to go natural, my intention was start a series on my personal blog where I could talk about my hair journey and share it with my readers. Exciting, I know. Somewhere along the line, I decided that I wanted my hair blog separate from my personal blog so that I could share it a bigger auidence. When I started my hair journey, I realized that an important demographic was ill-represented: the transitional and newly naturals. 

Don't get me wrong; there were TONS of natural hair blogs out there but there wasn't a blog where I felt the writer truly "got" what I was going through. There was no one could sympathize with me the day after my big chop when I was literally in a state of shock and scared to leave the house (thank goodness I big chopped on a Saturday). I also didn't find any blogs that showcased transitional styles that were appropriate for work, hence the reason I wore braid outs and ponytails during my transition.

Natural &Fabulous was created for the transitional and newly naturals who wanted, no, longed for someone who truly understood the journey of natural hair. I don't consider myself an expert, but I do think I've learned a few things so far :). Natural &Fabulous has certainly evolved as my hair has evolved but the one thing it has always stayed true to was simple styles, healthy hair and embracing your hair texture at all stages.

I write because I've been that woman; convinced that straight hair was preferred and kinky hair shunned. I've been the woman who declared her hair second cousin to Buckwheat on frizzy days. I've been the woman who has watched her hair come out in clumps in the kitchen due to overprocessing it with relaxers in college. I write because I want my readers to know that I have been there, done that and decided to make a healthy change and they can too.

Nothing inspires me more than to read a comment from some saying, "Thanks Monique. Your product recommendation has been so helpful with adding moisture to my hair" or "You inspired me to try a new style and guess what? Everyone loved it!". I love knowing that the little tidbits I share are touching someone in some way. I love being stopped in the street and asked, "How did you get your hair like that? I wish I were as brave as you." You are and you can be! Just do it!

I could go into some philosophical reason as to write I write but that's not me. I write for one simple reason: YOU. 

So, here are my pearls of wisdom:

1. Be confident even when you aren't
My parents raised me to believe in myself more than anyone else ever would. I think at times it walks the fine line of arrogance but I am far from that. I rarely get nervous in front of crowds (I actually love public speaking). My parents taught to go forward with the confidence that I can achieve anything and will rock it out.  Even if you don't feel confident and secure with your hair, tell yourself you are and walk with your head up. You got this.

2. Research, research, research
The internet is an endless source of information. You can pretty learn how to do anything just by Googling it. Spend time researching natural hair, natural products, styles, etc. Learn from someone else's mistake and look before you leap or you will regret it later.

3. Love yourself
This ties back to number 1. At the end of the day, you are your biggest cheerleader and supporter. Learn to love the truly unique person that you are. My favorite quote is "What makes us unique makes us extraordinary". We are truly extraordinary beings because no two are just alike. Embrace the fact that know one will ever be you or look like you. 

The five bloggers I am tagging to tell us why they write and share three pearls of wisdom are:

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I enjoyed reading this, you are definitely an inspiration. I know I'm not alone and as a fellow blogger, I still learn and grow from your blog, as well as many other blogs. Keep it up girlie, love the pearls of wisdom!

June 14, 2011 10:37 PM delete

Love your pearls of wisdom.

I will be sure to do this.