Do You Pre-Poo?

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Transitioning hair tends to be much drier than fully natural hair, thus, we have to be extra careful when handling it. I have a suggestion that should make shampooing and detangling easy: pre-poo'ing. Even now at over a year into my natural hair, I still pre-poo pretty often. My hair is extremely thick and detangling can both tedious as well as time-consuming.

Pre-pooing is a pre-shampoo treatment that you can do to ease your cleansing regimen. Pre-poo'ing is most often associated with oiling your hair from root to end, allowing it sit for an extended period of time and then following it with shampoo and conditioner or just cowashing. 

My pre-poo treatment consists of mixing EVOO with jojoba oil and a little Shea Moisture Deep Treatment masque. I work through my hair in sections, fully covering each and allowing it to sit for an hour or overnight before washing my hair. My other favorite pre-poo treatment is Curls Of The World Hair Cream. Although it is hair cream that can be used daily or as a leave-in, I found it a bit too greasy for my liking and opted to use it a pre-poo treatment. 

Do you pre-poo? What product(s) do you use?


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i usually pre poo with olive oil and aubrey organics conditioner


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I don't shampoo but I guess my pre-cowash would consist of thick conditioner mixed with olive oil. I only recently started doing this and it makes detangling so easy. I lose a lot less hair and don't even have to touch my paddle brush anymore. I also wash in sections now.