The World Natural Hair Health and Beauty Show

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I had the pleasure of attending my first hair show today, the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta. It was held at the Georgia International Convention Center and let me tell you, it was AWESOME! I ran into bloggers I love (Cassadie of Natural Selection), brands we adore (Shea Moisture, Taliah Waajid, Miss Jessie's) and people I want to know more about (Naturally Isis). And the vendors! Oh my goodness there were vendors galore! I honestly would have spent about $200 on products and tshirts had I not practiced restraint. Unfortunately, I left empty handed (*sigh* why did I pick this month to do a finance challenge?). The video below are pictures from the event. I hope you enjoy it!


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I hope to go back again :)

I love the pictures!!

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Great recap! And I love the song, who is this??