Flaxseed anyone?

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Thank you to Rhian of Curls Of The World for sending me samples of her Just The Flax, Curl Defining Gel (a new favorite staple of mine) to share with my readers. Naturally, I don't have enough bottles to giveaway to each and every one of you  but 3 lucky people will be winners.  Details about this giveaway will be posted shortly so stay tuned!


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You can make flaxseed gel at home for hardly nothing!

all you need is:

flaxseed (I found a bag at a produce market for 1.37)
aloe vera (if you want....but you dont need)...also cheap to come by
water (i used my brita)

boil water (2-3cups), add 2tbs seed...test consistency as you boil..when its thickened, strain, cool and use...make small batches and keep in ya fridge (has no nasty preservatives)

Sistahs!...stop spending on these store bought non natural products for your hair $$$$$